31. jan, 2017

Cool, Awesome and Educational x 3 completed!

Based on experience from the project ”Skol-Sprinten”, ”World Orienteering Day” and in close cooperation with PE teachers at primary and secondary school we have an idea how to make ORIENTEERING easier and more fun at school. We hope these guidelines can help teachers to create better conditions for the education of ORIENTEERING at school.

We also believe that a map which corresponds to reality and finalised exercises in a pedagogical approach will help teachers to create fun lessons in orienteering. These ”Teacher’s guides” will hopefully inspire all of you!

You will find these three web books at the links as follow:
Part 1, English (52 pages): http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n91829191
Part 2, English (60 pages): http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n62772154
Simple English (28 pages): http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n91055037

If you are interested to get these books translated to your language, please let me know, byorienteering@gmail.com