18. dec, 2016

Links to my O-books

Cool, Awesome and Educational

The first Orienteering Book I wrote for Primary School has become a real success! The Swedish edition is sold out but available as web book (see link below). This book has been translated into several languages, and a few more are in the pipeline. There's also a slide show of this book in Swedish and English. 

Part 2 of "Cool, Awesome and Educational" is written to cover Secondary School's needs for a fun teaching of orienteering at school. Translation of this book as well as the "Orienteering in simple Swedish" into English is currently under way and in the middle of January next year they are available as web books.

If you are interested in translation in your own language, please let me know. Send me an e-mail, byorienteering@gmail.com, and tell me what you want.

Photo: The frontpage of the Russian's version of "Cool, Awesome and Educational" (ages 6-12).


Cool, Awesome and Educational, ages 6-12

Swedish:  http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n73640047

Slide show, Swedish: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n00434386


English: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n91829191

Slide show, English: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n51540595


Chinese, simplified: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n28415634

Chinese, traditional: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n03850094

Icelandic: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n32355349

Turkish: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n36997833

Russian: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n91031319

Hungarian: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n99410376


Cool, Awesome and Educational, ages 13-15

Swedish:  http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n28825713

Slide show, Swedish: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n95607934


Orienteering in simple Swedish

Swedish: http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n20092436